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The Best Penalty Kick. EVER.

16 Nov

Zidane eat your heart out.  How can you not love this sport?


Carlos Tevez x Pepsi

28 Oct

Here’s a very weird commercial from one of the current Pepsi promotions down here in Argentina.  It features Carlos Tevez speaking his notoriously bad English which is always good for a laugh.  It’s Fantastic!

Kanye West – Runaway

25 Oct

This shit is weird, but worth checking out.  Think an incredibly bizarre 30 minute music video preview of his upcoming album where Kanye falls in love with this birdwoman who doesn’t quite fit in with his peers.  Yea…told you it was weird.  Oh Kanye, what will you think of next?




3 Oct

Iron Man IV

11 May

Came across this really random but cool trailer for Iron Man IV that was made using clips from Iron Man, Rocky, and a few other movies. Enjoy.

I´ll Do You Like a Truck! ?

27 Apr

File this under weird / awesome.  Another random find by Kurt!.

M.I.A. – Born Free

27 Apr

This video is Intense. Disclaimer, if you are a ginger, you may find this offensive. I find it awesome.

Best Cry EVER

27 Apr

This has been playing non stop in my apartment the past few days.  One of the funniest videos i´ve seen in a while for sure.  I don´t know why it´s so funny, but you need to watch this.

Hamster Teamwork

22 Apr