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Republican Sex & Marriage Advice

16 Nov


Im not much for politics, but these videos are pretty funny.  Chip answers questions from normal republicans regarding tough issues about sex and married life. Videos after the jump.

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Kids say the darndest things…when they catch you having sex

16 Nov

This is one of those videos that has the perfect blend of funny and cute.  Im pretty sure this kinda stuff happens a lot, but props to these parents for taking out the ol video camera to upload it to youtube.  Cute as a button.



Nancy Botwin x Zack Morris

15 Oct

Being that I find Mary-Louise Parker sexy as hell, and Saved by the Bell is one of those shows I used to watch all the time, this had to be celebrated.  Weeds episode 608: Gentle Puppies has a surprisingly awesome lil scene in which Preppy himself bangs it out with Nancy Botwin.  Above is a lil teaser that should give you an idea of the awesomeness. #Golazo