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Nerdy Kid Keenan ft 50 Cent – Down on Me

27 Nov

Saw this thanks to the Cmon Son 20 video. The perfect combination of Hilarious and Awesome, you gotta watch this.


MVOTD Yelawolf x CyHi da Prynce x Pill – I Wish (Remix)

4 Nov

Today’s Music video of the day (yea I decided to try something new) is this incredibly dope video from Yelawolf’s I Wish Remix.  It’s not NEW, but dope nonetheless. Great song.  Great Video. Check it out.

Kanye West – Runaway

25 Oct

This shit is weird, but worth checking out.  Think an incredibly bizarre 30 minute music video preview of his upcoming album where Kanye falls in love with this birdwoman who doesn’t quite fit in with his peers.  Yea…told you it was weird.  Oh Kanye, what will you think of next?



OK Go – White Knuckles

21 Sep

The perfect example that a cool video can make up for an “OK” song (no pun intended).

Throwback Thursday

4 Jun

Wash yo’ Butt!

Robin Thicke – It´s in the Mornin feat. Snoop Dog(video)

11 May

I want that girl. Bad.

I´ll Do You Like a Truck! ?

27 Apr

File this under weird / awesome.  Another random find by Kurt!.

B.o.B. – I Bet I Bust (Video)

27 Apr

M.I.A. – Born Free

27 Apr

This video is Intense. Disclaimer, if you are a ginger, you may find this offensive. I find it awesome.

Chris Brown & Tyga – Holla At Me (video)

22 Apr