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I´m Back!

17 May

Miguel getting weird with some Booze Cruise patrons

So after a short Hiatus, I´m back to the blogging world. For those who aren´t down here in BA, we recently hosted our BA Booze Cruise Saturday. Needless to say it took a lot of hard work from a lot of people, and it really payed off. The Party was AMAZING and ended up being the best boat party to date. Looks like we´ll be making this a monthly event so for those in Buenos Aires or thinking of coming here, DO NOT MISS THIS PARTY! More Pictures to come soon.


Sunday Afternoon Asado

20 Apr

Nothing like a nice Sunday afternoon Asado.   For those of you not familiar, an Asado is a traditional Argentine bbq/party where you pretty much spend the day outside grilling meat and drinking beer/wine.  We’ve had countless asado’s in our time here, but this last one was one of the best.  Check out this video and see it from my eyes.