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Foot Locker x Nike Air Max 90 “I am the Rules”

21 Sep

I haven’t posted ANYTHING about sneakers lately, and it just goes to show how my time here in Argentina has thrown me off my game. I ran across these on twitter via hypebeast. A European only release, those of us unfortunate enough to be on this side of the world won’t have an easy time getting a hold of  a pair.  This being said, any of you European readers that wanna help a brotha out let me know!

Normally I wouldn’t put a sneaker that has it’s own commercial up on this blog, but it features my boys Chamakh and Arshavin of my Beloved Arsenal Football Club, so I felt obligated to show love.


Nice Kicks x Walters ATL

24 May

Here’s a little spotlight of Atlanta’s longest running Sneaker Shop Walters. Conveniently located on Georgia State Campus, it definitely was a spot I hit more times than I can remember.  Cool seeing them get some love online for once.  Check it out.

Deluxe x Vans Chukka Boot

24 May

I rarely post about Vans on here but damn these are dope!  If someone wants to send me a pair it’d be awesome, as these will never see Argentina.

New Nike SB Spot

12 May

I LOVE this commercial. Nike outdid themselves on this one.

Sneaker Friends ATL 2010

5 May

Greg Street seems to have a knack for bringing the Sneakerhead community together.  This year´s Sneaker Friends looks to have been a great success.  I would have loved to have gone to Sneaker Friends this year.  Being hosted at Compound (an old stompin ground of mine), there were tons of people and their prized kicks on show.   Some of the sneakers that were there are incredibly rare, aside from just plain awesome.  Sucks I live in a place where they don´t appreciate em as much.  For a lot of people this sort of thing seems really weird, so check out this recap to see what a sneakerhead party in Atlanta looks like.

A Bathing Ape Ape Sta

24 Apr

A Bathing Ape has dropped it´s Newest latest model recently, inspired by one of the all time classics.  This shoe is one of those that will raise the ol argument ¨you are only paying for a name, they are ripping off a classic silouette, etc etc.¨  I personally think they are dope, and I have never in my life owned a pair of converse.  So with that being said, if someone wants to buy me the Red pair in an 11, i´d greatly appreciate it.


20 Apr

I miss shit like this…