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Being a Dickhead is Cool

14 Sep

If you somehow haven’t seen this by now, 1,608,000 views later means you’re a lil late.  Why am I just now posting it?  Well that’s easy, I’m lazy and I blog when I want!  Now if you’ll excuse me, i’m off for some New Age fun with a Vintage feel!


Ice Creamz

30 May

BBC/Ice Cream is definitely one of my favorite brands, and although I can’t get it in Argentina I still like to keep up to date with their collections thanks to the homies at Standard.  They recently got in a new shipment that had some dope shit including a shirt with my fav logo of all time, the good ol cones & bones!  Check out the latest over at standard blog.

World Cup Socks? Yes Please!

18 May

If you don´t have World Cup fever by now, hopefully this shows you how big of a deal it is.  Yes it´s gone as far as to inspire a collection of socks, and I LOVE it!  New York´s Wong Wong got with Happy Socks for these masterpieces set to be released May 21st.

BAPE URSUS: The Other Side of BAPE

18 May

So it seems that BAPE is having a go with another line yet again.  Their URSUS line is inspired by the typical all American look, with that little BAPE twist to it (expect to see that trademark Camo).   Not quite sure how I feel about this yet, but it is interesting to see them going in this direction.  You can find URSUS at the BAPE store in Hong Kong if you wanna get your hands on it.

Umbro World Champions Collection

5 May

Behind the scenes of Umbro´s upcoming World Champions Collection. Football and Women go pretty well together i must say. Also, I don´t know about you, but the Argentine girl takes the cake…

Louis Vuitton x Maradona x Zidane x Pele

27 Apr


Looks like Louis Vuitton is getting ready for the World Cup too.  This isn´t just an amazing advertisement, but just a beautiful photo.  Can´t wait to see more.

A Bathing Ape Ape Sta

24 Apr

A Bathing Ape has dropped it´s Newest latest model recently, inspired by one of the all time classics.  This shoe is one of those that will raise the ol argument ¨you are only paying for a name, they are ripping off a classic silouette, etc etc.¨  I personally think they are dope, and I have never in my life owned a pair of converse.  So with that being said, if someone wants to buy me the Red pair in an 11, i´d greatly appreciate it.