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Conan O’Brien x American Express

16 Nov

Saw this last week and totally forgot to post it.  Conan rarely misses and this is no exception. Great commercial.


A Brief History of Weed

4 Nov

This is pretty much amazing.  Once again Showtime’s Weeds does it again, this time with a Golazo of a promo that explains all the major events in Weed history.  Enjoy

Carlos Tevez x Pepsi

28 Oct

Here’s a very weird commercial from one of the current Pepsi promotions down here in Argentina.  It features Carlos Tevez speaking his notoriously bad English which is always good for a laugh.  It’s Fantastic!

Giga Pudding!

16 Oct

Miguel showed me this yesterday.  We concluded it is officially the most incredible commercial of all time.

Ploox Sneak Peak

14 Sep

I am backed up with video content for some ideas we’ve had for our upcoming campaign with Ploox.  One of the videos we are going to put together is a video of people all over the place saying “Ploox!”.  This is just a lil sneak peak of what’s in store.  It’s a lil rough, but you’ll get the point.  Watch for Pamela David of Animales Sueltos giving her Ploox shoutout.

New Nike SB Spot

12 May

I LOVE this commercial. Nike outdid themselves on this one.

Awesome Argentina WC Commercial

12 May

This shit gives me chills

Puma – Journey of Football

21 Apr