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A Brief History of Weed

4 Nov

This is pretty much amazing.  Once again Showtime’s Weeds does it again, this time with a Golazo of a promo that explains all the major events in Weed history.  Enjoy


Why I love Zack Galifianakis

3 Nov

This guy’s got balls.  OMG look at those DRAGONS!!!

Complex´s 420 Soundboard

21 Apr

So the guys over at complex made a 420 soundboard that gathered up the most stoner quotes of all time.  This is pretty funny and some of them will definitely bring you back.   From Cheech and Chong to Harold and Kumar, they did a pretty respectable job.  Check it out!

The Hundreds x New Era x 420

20 Apr

Here´s a Super Dope Hundreds Fitted released today for 420.  Perfect summer hat if I ever saw one.  Then again, this girl could have a pile of shit on her head and i would still consider taking out the wallet.   Check out the website for details on how to acquire one.

Mascot Fail

20 Apr

This just seemed all too appropriate for a 4/20 post.