The Past 2 Weeks in Photos

24 Nov

Team Ploox at the Welcome Home Weezy Party

Its been a busy few weeks around here, so here’s some photos of the highlights.  Ploox!

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Republican Sex & Marriage Advice

16 Nov


Im not much for politics, but these videos are pretty funny.  Chip answers questions from normal republicans regarding tough issues about sex and married life. Videos after the jump.

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Conan O’Brien x American Express

16 Nov

Saw this last week and totally forgot to post it.  Conan rarely misses and this is no exception. Great commercial.

Kids say the darndest things…when they catch you having sex

16 Nov

This is one of those videos that has the perfect blend of funny and cute.  Im pretty sure this kinda stuff happens a lot, but props to these parents for taking out the ol video camera to upload it to youtube.  Cute as a button.



The Best Penalty Kick. EVER.

16 Nov

Zidane eat your heart out.  How can you not love this sport?

Pusha T x CyHi da Prynce x Kanye West x Big Sean x J Cole – Looking For Trouble

7 Nov

Finally! The latest “GOOD Friday” track sneaks in right before Sunday. ENJOY

Michael Jackson – Breaking News teaser

5 Nov

Here’s a snippet of MJ’s first single off the upcoming album Breaking News. The cd is said to feature songs he was working on before his untimely death. The full track premieres Monday November 8th. Definitely looking forward to hearing this

Wheelchair Shawty

5 Nov

WTF and SMH seem appropriate acronyms for this one…

MVOTD Yelawolf x CyHi da Prynce x Pill – I Wish (Remix)

4 Nov

Today’s Music video of the day (yea I decided to try something new) is this incredibly dope video from Yelawolf’s I Wish Remix.  It’s not NEW, but dope nonetheless. Great song.  Great Video. Check it out.

A Brief History of Weed

4 Nov

This is pretty much amazing.  Once again Showtime’s Weeds does it again, this time with a Golazo of a promo that explains all the major events in Weed history.  Enjoy