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Dr Pepper, Texas

27 Nov

This was sent to me by my friend Aaron of Bucketfeet.  If you didn’t know how much I love Dr. Pepper, you probably don’t know me too well at all.  In my two plus years of being here in Argentina, I’ve had countless bottles and cans of Dr Pepper  imported from all over the place.  This video put Dublin, Texas on the map for me.


Nerdy Kid Keenan ft 50 Cent – Down on Me

27 Nov

Saw this thanks to the Cmon Son 20 video. The perfect combination of Hilarious and Awesome, you gotta watch this.

The Best Penalty Kick. EVER.

16 Nov

Zidane eat your heart out.  How can you not love this sport?

Wheelchair Shawty

5 Nov

WTF and SMH seem appropriate acronyms for this one…

Lego Star Wars – Bombad Bounty

3 Nov

The animation in this video is pretty fucking awesome I must say.  If Jar Jar Binks were in the Original Star was Trilogy, it would go a little something like this.

Kanye West – Runaway

25 Oct

This shit is weird, but worth checking out.  Think an incredibly bizarre 30 minute music video preview of his upcoming album where Kanye falls in love with this birdwoman who doesn’t quite fit in with his peers.  Yea…told you it was weird.  Oh Kanye, what will you think of next?



Giga Pudding!

16 Oct

Miguel showed me this yesterday.  We concluded it is officially the most incredible commercial of all time.

Nancy Botwin x Zack Morris

15 Oct

Being that I find Mary-Louise Parker sexy as hell, and Saved by the Bell is one of those shows I used to watch all the time, this had to be celebrated.  Weeds episode 608: Gentle Puppies has a surprisingly awesome lil scene in which Preppy himself bangs it out with Nancy Botwin.  Above is a lil teaser that should give you an idea of the awesomeness. #Golazo


3 Oct

When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

24 Sep

You get the feeling this guy is a little bitter about something…