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A Beginner’s Guide to “No-Homo”

3 Dec


Here’s a really dope video that does a pretty good job describing the phenomenon that is “No-Homo.”  Check out J Smooth’s blog Ill Doctrine for more of the same video blog fun.


Skratch Bastid – Pink Floyd x Parliament

30 Nov

If I ever learn to DJ, it has to be on Vinyl.  This my friends, is what it’s all about.  Check out Skratch Bastid’s site and see what this guy is capable of, including a dope lil number using Big Boi’s “You Ain’t No DJ”.  As the homie Big Boi said, “Your DJ ain’t no DJ he  just make them fuckin mixtapes.”

Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow (Cookin Soul Remix)

30 Nov

Can’t get enough of this remix.  Wiz Khalifa x Cookin Soul = masterpiece

Download the mp3 hurr

Yelawolf – Pop the Trunk “Bones & Vocal” Video

30 Nov

Dr Pepper, Texas

27 Nov

This was sent to me by my friend Aaron of Bucketfeet.  If you didn’t know how much I love Dr. Pepper, you probably don’t know me too well at all.  In my two plus years of being here in Argentina, I’ve had countless bottles and cans of Dr Pepper  imported from all over the place.  This video put Dublin, Texas on the map for me.

Nerdy Kid Keenan ft 50 Cent – Down on Me

27 Nov

Saw this thanks to the Cmon Son 20 video. The perfect combination of Hilarious and Awesome, you gotta watch this.

C’mon Son 20

27 Nov

Republican Sex & Marriage Advice

16 Nov


Im not much for politics, but these videos are pretty funny.  Chip answers questions from normal republicans regarding tough issues about sex and married life. Videos after the jump.

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Conan O’Brien x American Express

16 Nov

Saw this last week and totally forgot to post it.  Conan rarely misses and this is no exception. Great commercial.

Kids say the darndest things…when they catch you having sex

16 Nov

This is one of those videos that has the perfect blend of funny and cute.  Im pretty sure this kinda stuff happens a lot, but props to these parents for taking out the ol video camera to upload it to youtube.  Cute as a button.