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The Past 2 Weeks in Photos

24 Nov

Team Ploox at the Welcome Home Weezy Party

Its been a busy few weeks around here, so here’s some photos of the highlights.  Ploox!

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Ploox Halloween

3 Nov

Me, Ivan, Maca, & Gabo

Friday was our 2nd Ploox Party and it just so happened to have fallen on Halloween!  It was only natural for us to do a costume party, so we duly obliged.  Let it be known, that I am really bad with Halloween, and have been known to throw together some of the laziest & uncreative costumes known to man (See photo above).  Hummer also threw a Halloween party downstairs, and was so kind as to decorate the whole place for us!  Red Room looked awesome, especially with our new Ploox Graphics running.  The party was a success, with a good 300 people coming by and good vibes a plenty.  Special Shout out to our friends from MTV Gabo and Maca for coming through and supporting the cause. The feedback we’ve been getting lately has made me think this party could blow up, but it’s going to take some time and a lot of hard work. Check out the photos here to see what you missed.  That’s the jist, now it’s on to the next one: Ploox Party #3!

Ploox: The Road to the Inauguration

28 Oct

Last Friday was the Inauguration Party for my new project down here in Buenos Aires, “Ploox“.  It’s something that Miguel and I have been wanting to do for a long time, and with the help of our friends and colleagues, we were able to make happen. Our vision is to have our own Friday night party that will focus on fresh music and a good mix of people from all over the globe.  We are playing Indie, Electro, and Hip Hop in a bid to give another option to those wanting to have a great Friday night in the city without having to settle for the same ol reggaeton & Electro that you find everywhere else.  Here’s my story of how we made it finally happen.

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Ploox Hip Hop Buenos Aires

21 Sep

Ploox is a project that I have been working on for a minute now, and finally we are ready to have our first Event!  The first party will be Ploox Hip Hop tomorrow night at The Spot.

Ploox is the event planning company that myself and Miguel Salas have been working on for some time now.  We are going to have a massive Ploox Party every friday night coming in October at a club that will remain nameless for the time being.  It will feature the best Hip Hop, Electro, & Indie music around, but that’s not all we’re up to.  There will also be 3 other genre specific parties throughout the week, starting with Ploox Hip Hop.  To stay in the know regarding everything Ploox, fan us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter!

Hope to see you there!


Ploox Sneak Peak

14 Sep

I am backed up with video content for some ideas we’ve had for our upcoming campaign with Ploox.  One of the videos we are going to put together is a video of people all over the place saying “Ploox!”.  This is just a lil sneak peak of what’s in store.  It’s a lil rough, but you’ll get the point.  Watch for Pamela David of Animales Sueltos giving her Ploox shoutout.

Good Friday

11 Sep

For those of you who don’t know, Kanye has been dropping a new song every Friday afternoon for “GOOD Friday”. *To the marketing genius behind that one, well done sir.  I imagine I will post most of the Good Friday tracks on this here blog of mine, but head HERE every friday for the most reliable Download link.

*Image compliments of Shake of 2DB.  It was just too good.

Se La Mamo

11 Sep

Cargado por arsenalist. – Explorar más videos de ciencia.


11 Sep

I’d like to think I’ve never been this drunk before.  Then again, I imagine this is what I look like before I pass out in the Street/Park/etc.  Hooray Beer!

vid thanks to Sumner of snortthis

The Craziest Day of My Life

12 Aug

…happened to have been TODAY.  Stay tuned for the whole story.  Basically my neighbors 2 floors above me were taken hostage today.  Somehow the police ended up using OUR apartment as their HQ throughout the whole operation.  Needless to say it was a crazy way to wake up after a long night out with the crew from HYPE. We managed to get some great footage of it all, so we’ll be uploading stuff soon!  If you can’t wait a day or two, just head over to my twitter and read how it all went down.  BA Herald story hurr


Back for the 2nd Time

4 Aug

The Pinnacle of the World Cup Mustache Competition. GLORIOUS

No I’m not Dead.  Yes I have been very busy.  Yes I plan on keeping this going starting………….NOW.

Here’s an update with me and my goings on.

After almost 2 years, I am no longer working for The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl and have ventured off to see where this entrepreneur’s spirit can take me.  I’m linking up with two good friends of mine to start our own party called “Ploox!“.  I will give sporadic updates on how this new venture works out, so watch out for them.  FYI: This is Not just a one off party, but a weekly party every Friday night in Palermo at a new club that will for right now remain nameless.

I’m going to TRY to start putting a more personal approach to the blog, so sorry for those who just like the music and don’t give a fuck about my lil adventure down here haha.  Rest assured the main focus will still be the content I always loved posting (music, futbol, funny stuff, and sneakers.)

So if you made it this far, thanks!  I’m back in business and plan on redesigning the blog to give it a new feel.   I also have ideas for video shorts as well so big thangs poppin here soon people.

Gracias a Todos desde Argentina


PS. Below are some recent pictures of my Antics here in BsAs.

Waiting in Plaza San Martin for the Argentina Germany Game

Chris "Gingerpie" Woodside's Despedida Lunch

Ridin on 65's at the Rural Expo

Bruna visited from Brazil last week!

Getting Weird with some Morphsuits (Guess which is me!)