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Nancy Botwin x Zack Morris

15 Oct

Being that I find Mary-Louise Parker sexy as hell, and Saved by the Bell is one of those shows I used to watch all the time, this had to be celebrated.  Weeds episode 608: Gentle Puppies has a surprisingly awesome lil scene in which Preppy himself bangs it out with Nancy Botwin.  Above is a lil teaser that should give you an idea of the awesomeness. #Golazo



3 Oct

Katy Perry x Elmo

23 Sep

Apparently this was too sexy to make it to Sesame Street.  What do you think?

Ploox Sneak Peak

14 Sep

I am backed up with video content for some ideas we’ve had for our upcoming campaign with Ploox.  One of the videos we are going to put together is a video of people all over the place saying “Ploox!”.  This is just a lil sneak peak of what’s in store.  It’s a lil rough, but you’ll get the point.  Watch for Pamela David of Animales Sueltos giving her Ploox shoutout.

Chicks with Tattoos

30 May

Chicks with tattoos are hot.  The guys over at Caveman Circus recently had a pretty cool post about em and I felt obligated to share.  ye!

Robin Thicke – It´s in the Mornin feat. Snoop Dog(video)

11 May

I want that girl. Bad.