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Say What?

27 Dec

Having lived in Buenos Aires for the past 2 years, it’s easy to forget what exactly it’s like to live the “american” lifestyle.  Sure 2 years isn’t THAT long, I mean people are away longer for the military, school, travels, etc right?  I learned over time that the one way to really understand what it is to be American is to immerse yourself in another culture/live in another country. In my line of work,  I’m always telling my story.  Where I’m from, what I USED to do, what it’s like to live in the US, why Georgia is so much different from New York, Miami, & LA (the only 3 cities in the US most foreigners seem to know anything about).  Here are some of my observations, gripes, praises, etc after being back for 3 weeks now. Continue reading


Happy Holidays from Atlanta!

17 Dec

So after 3 unsuccessful tries to get on my standby flight, I finally made it to Georgia last week!  It’s been great to be back in the states.  The last time I was in the US, I only had a week in Connecticut and a week in Georgia, so this month long trip to GA is long overdue.  I’ve gotten to see a lot of friends, met my new baby nephew Landen, and eaten the way only us Americans can.  Im going to try to post a few pictures up throughout the trip. Check out the first few after the jump!

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MVOTD Yelawolf x CyHi da Prynce x Pill – I Wish (Remix)

4 Nov

Today’s Music video of the day (yea I decided to try something new) is this incredibly dope video from Yelawolf’s I Wish Remix.  It’s not NEW, but dope nonetheless. Great song.  Great Video. Check it out.

T.I. – Fuck a Mixtape!

30 May

I am a few days late posting this, but regardless here’s the new T.I. mixtape that should entertain you  all for a while.  With contributions from Weezy, Jeezy, Keri Hilson, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz, No ID, and more, you can’t afford not to download it!

T.I. – Fuck a Mixtape

Ice Creamz

30 May

BBC/Ice Cream is definitely one of my favorite brands, and although I can’t get it in Argentina I still like to keep up to date with their collections thanks to the homies at Standard.  They recently got in a new shipment that had some dope shit including a shirt with my fav logo of all time, the good ol cones & bones!  Check out the latest over at standard blog.

Nice Kicks x Walters ATL

24 May

Here’s a little spotlight of Atlanta’s longest running Sneaker Shop Walters. Conveniently located on Georgia State Campus, it definitely was a spot I hit more times than I can remember.  Cool seeing them get some love online for once.  Check it out.

Atlanta Fire Dept. Fail

20 May

Only in ATL does a Fire Truck catch on Fire.  F.I.L.A.

A-TRAK – Dirty South Dance 2

20 May

This is way too dope for you not to check out.  Reminds me of home, and makes me wanna get fucked up.  PERFECT combination!

Dirty South Dance 2