My name is Will.  I used to blog.  I still do, but I used to too…


One Response to “Abt”

  1. Ana Inés September 4, 2010 at 10:07 pm #

    I’ve read your comment on the TwittBaires or so, and foun it really funny. I even answered in an ironical way , too. I use Twitter but I don’t like those who write the kind of stuff like ” Going to Sushi Bar”; “Wearing my newHB suit for the interview”, and so on and so forth.
    Who the hell cares? It’s showing off in a so idiotic way.
    I follow people I know, we chat a bit, and I also follow writers, photographers, actors, musicians, radio programmes, just to be up to date, but I swear I’ve never typed things like what I’m eating/wearing/etcetcetc
    And I’ve said rather too much.
    See you

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