Say What?

27 Dec

Having lived in Buenos Aires for the past 2 years, it’s easy to forget what exactly it’s like to live the “american” lifestyle.  Sure 2 years isn’t THAT long, I mean people are away longer for the military, school, travels, etc right?  I learned over time that the one way to really understand what it is to be American is to immerse yourself in another culture/live in another country. In my line of work,  I’m always telling my story.  Where I’m from, what I USED to do, what it’s like to live in the US, why Georgia is so much different from New York, Miami, & LA (the only 3 cities in the US most foreigners seem to know anything about).  Here are some of my observations, gripes, praises, etc after being back for 3 weeks now. -Chick Fil A could take over the world if it were open on Sundays.  If you’ve never had it, get your ass to the South! #SpicyChickenSandwichFTW

-Is it just me, or does 60% of the country think The Sky is falling?

-Unimformed, ignorant,  biased, unwanted political banter is at an all time high right now.  Seriously, it’s BAD.

– Do people my age in the States not cook anymore or is it just me?  I feel like we rely so much on fast food and dining out.  I’ve had days go by where we’ve frequented 3  different places throughout the day. That shit is just ridiculous.  In 20 years, cooking will be a lost art. Get your lazy asses in the kitchen, you’ll thank me later.  This from a guy who doesn’t enjoy cooking.

-What do these country ass people have against scarves?  If anything, they’ll do a good job keeping that red neck of yours warm throughout winter.

-How country was my Christmas?  This was literally what was said for the pre dinner grace: “Dear Lord, thank you for this food.  I hope I get me a deer. AMEN”.

-The quote above was not made up / exaggerated whatsoever.  Yea, I know.

-It cost $18US to see Tron 3d on the ol IMAX.  Idk if it’s because I know I can buy groceries for a week in BA with that, or if I’m finally becoming semi financially responsible (probably not the latter),  but that shits expensive!  Either way, dope movie.

-Racism is still alive in the South. Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.

-Is it just me, or does it seem like people JUST NOW started caring about people on state?

-I started smoking in Buenos Aires.  I recently realized why I never smoked when I lived here…those things are stupid expensive!  I’ve never felt worse bumming a cigarette in my life.

-A family that blazes together, stays-es together.

-It’s fun seeing old girls you used to have a thing for.  Especially when you know you could if you wanted to.

-It gets increasingly harder to explain what exactly it is that I’m doing in Argentina to people I don’t know.  I’ve resigned to just saying “Im just having fun.”  It’s the shortest/most honest answer after all.

-EVERYONE has a badass phone here (GA).  People do EVERYTHING on their phones now. I remember when I used to get bitched at for being on my sidekick a lot, now I understand what everyone was sayin.  I need an upgrade QUICK.

-My mission to make up for lost time and eat all the stuff I miss from Atlanta is going well.  The only place I hit more than once was Wendys…  And ChickFilA of course.

-Is it just me, or does Everyone in the US smoke marijuana?  I wonder how long until that shit is legalized over here?

– I like the idea of posting an occasional piece on all the random shit that comes to my head after smoking. Im gonna just call it “Say What?”.

Thats all I got.  Hopefully I’ll have more for you soonish.  Been playing in the snow too much. Ye!


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