The Past 2 Weeks in Photos

24 Nov

Team Ploox at the Welcome Home Weezy Party

Its been a busy few weeks around here, so here’s some photos of the highlights.  Ploox!

The Crew after the N.A.S.A. show at Hype

Rachel, Becca, and I at the Casa Vidt Sendoff. Gonna miss these girls (Again)

Our new Roomie Sergey Plooxin it Up

JD and I at Puerta Uno

The lovely Sol and I at LOST

Rony getting his camera fixed at an antique camera shop in San Telmo

Impromptu photoshoot at Faena

Rony and I ran into some Jonas Bro's Fans outside Faena

Jonas Bro's doin their thing

Rony and I at MOD

The best Choripan in San Telmo

Few would believe this was taken at my favorite BURGER KING. I think he actually lives there

Team Pub Crawl at Ploox after the 3 year Anniversary Crawl

Spanglish 2 Year Anniversary

All I can say is Pub Crawl Staff Anniversary Party

The 1060s at MOD


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