Ploox: The Road to the Inauguration

28 Oct

Last Friday was the Inauguration Party for my new project down here in Buenos Aires, “Ploox“.  It’s something that Miguel and I have been wanting to do for a long time, and with the help of our friends and colleagues, we were able to make happen. Our vision is to have our own Friday night party that will focus on fresh music and a good mix of people from all over the globe.  We are playing Indie, Electro, and Hip Hop in a bid to give another option to those wanting to have a great Friday night in the city without having to settle for the same ol reggaeton & Electro that you find everywhere else.  Here’s my story of how we made it finally happen.

Nick, Me, Dustin, and Gilad

Ploox is all about  2 things: the Music and the People.  Music-wise for me it’s always been about the Hip Hop.  I’ve been unimpressed with the Hip Hop scene in BA for some time now, and have been wanting to push things forward a bit.  Ploox is the perfect platform to do so, and the gears are already turning on that one.  We started off with a Hip Hop night at The Spot to gauge whether people were feeling the music we were trying to play, and we instantly gained a following of people hungry to hear the music they previously could only hear on the internet & their Ipods here in BA.  This reassured us that despite what everyone here says, there IS a market for new Hip Hop in this city.

The big Ploox  party was pushed back several times.  In fact we should have had it 2 months ago.  The original club we were going to hold the party in “Caramel”, was brand new and had problems obtaining all the paperwork needed to open their doors.  We were told probably 4 or 5 different launch dates throughout the process.  The night before we were to have our final meeting to set the launch date, the club next door BEARA (owned by the same people as Caramel) saw its top floor collapse after a concert, killing two girls and injuring 33 people.  It was a tragedy that sent shockwaves throughout the nightlife industry, and ended our hopes of holding our party in that fresh new club next door.

At this point, I had been out of a job for a minute with no income and my faith that things were all going to work out was fading fast.  Miguel and I often talked about packing up and moving to Brazil or Mexico in hopes of starting over and bringing Ploox with us.  Then one day our partner Ivan informed us that another club called Hummer was interested in working with us.  It proved to be the lifeline we needed, as a month after our initial meeting with them, we were able to finally host our party.

This is me. Fucked Up.

The Inauguration party was Epic.  We packed the place out almost to capacity, and had a lot of our friends come out and show support which was and will continue to be crucial to our success.  You can check out pictures here and here on our facebook page to see what it was like.  Now here we are in Week II and it’s time for our 1st Annual Halloween Party.  We’ve come a long way already, but rest assured there’s a lot more coming from Ploox BA.  #vamos



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