Hostages, Guns, & Canadian Mate – A Twitter play by play

8 Sep

As I’ve mentioned in “The Craziest Day of My Life“, last month the Freelance Mansion (aka my apt) hosted Argentina’s finest in an effort to rescue a family taken hostage 2 floors above us.  Being the Twitter junkie that I am, I started tweeting everything, from the moment we realized there were hostages above us to the final camera guy leaving.  I decided to take my tweets from that day and put them in order so people could see what exactly was going through my head throughout the craziest situation I’ve been through.  *Disclaimer* This isn’t a picture book, its a story in 140 character at a time spurts.  This my friends, is storytelling for our generation.

Wednesday August 11th 2010

– HOLY SHIT! There are 3 people that took a family hostage 2 floors above my place! Shots were fired earlier. SHIT IS GOING DOWN #TIA

– So the guys upstairs just said to the negotiator that he has a whole family with guns to their heads and they want MONEY  12:44:44 PM

@idrinkmusic We aren’t MOVING from this place. There are kids with guns 2 floors above us…  12:50:32 PM

– holy shit holy shit holy shit  1:03:04 PM

– For the record, we are trying to record as much of this as we can. Hopefully we’ll have a happy ending  1:05:14 PM

@idrinkmusic the cops set up shop in my apt. They are trying to figure a way up  1:06:14 PM

@sorrelmw we are ok, id like to think the now 15 or so guys with semi automatic weapons in my living room got my back haha  1:06:48 PM

– On a lighter note, It’s my 2,000th Tweet! Appropriate I have an apt full of cops in here to celebrate…#PLOOX!  1:11:19 PM

– They are checking our whole apt to see if there’s a way to come up a window. Not likely, but it looks like my apt is the HQ for this for now  1:14:20 PM

RT @jpgninja: Sooo, @AquinoWill, @Miguelsalas and I have machine guns in our apartment right now -bsas, hostages two floors above us.  1:20:01 PM

– Homeboy just cocked his gun (no homo). Not a sound you’re used to hearing around here…  1:22:11 PM

@MYObees fyi this is NOT the norm here. I live in a nice part of town n everything, Just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time  1:23:31 PM

@DoreneA So to catch u up,my apt is the HQ for the police as there is a hostage situation 2 floors above.Im totally safe tho. #dontworrymom!  1:26:14 PM

– just looked out and up my window and almost got spat on by one of these assholes.  1:27:24 PM

– Aw fuck, things weren’t seeming too bad until I hear them yelling at a crying baby. FML  1:29:11 PM

– I just tried to plug in my laptop in the living room. I was trying to avoid the massive gun against the wall. “It’s Loaded” he says. HA  1:33:55 PM

– These guys got Jokes! Had a watergun from one of the @pubcrawlba parties sitting around and he says “So you guys are packin too?!” Ploox!  1:35:16 PM

– Damn people keep just walkin up in my house! Idk if you got a walkie talky or gun, knock or somethin! #myhouseisNOTyourhouse  1:37:05 PM

@putshki yea we’re good. Shits just a lil crazy  1:44:57 PM

– hahaha so a guy fully decked out with only his eyes showing goes outside on the balcony. “You need to water your plants!”These guys are cool  1:46:02 PM

– The cameras just filmed a guy on our patio, then he hopped back in. They cant give away their whereabouts  1:48:59 PM

– so it looks like they’re going to go up the patio. Things seem to be getting a lil more serious….  1:49:54 PM

– Everyone Watching the TV to see the best plan of attack.SO many BIG guns here. Yea im american and we dont mind guns but this shit’s crazy  1:51:10 PM

– damn people just keep on comin up in here! damn Ustream would be ideal right now. I need to step my video camera game up  1:52:41 PM

– FYI the cops just ordered the cameras to be turned off to not give away their location. Lots of rope around here. They are going UP.  1:53:29 PM

– there are people in a neighboring building filming shit. They are fucking up! Turn that shit off! #letsdothis  1:56:15 PM

– great time for my phone to shut off. On a lighter note, the newest guy that stepped up in here looking all dapper and shit has a sick stache  2:00:26 PM

– Not much i can do, cept for tweet the goings on… Blackberry died so no twitpics for now. Charger is under the table with plans n guns.  2:02:32 PM

– It makes me nervous when cops start whispering… #buenosaires #hostages  2:05:38 PM

– half of me wants to hop out on the porch and wave to the camera guy in the building across the street.Whats the signal for shut off the cam?  2:10:25 PM

– These guys taking the hostages look SO Sketch.  2:12:59 PM

– A cop just asked @miguelsalas for a broomstick…. #wtf? #bsashostage  2:13:21 PM

-RT @putshki @AquinoWill I am riveted by your tweets. Revolutionizing newscasting -onetweetatatime  2:08:48 PM

-One of the guys just estimated 60 police officers & good guys are in and around the building. -ImGood -bsashostage  2:15:50 PM

@dentalart_ba we’re good homie. No worries  2:16:07 PM

– For those following along,forgot to add that we also have here a friend of the family upstairs. He’s a BIG help, as he knows the floorplans  2:17:33 PM

– Every news station in #buenosaires has a camera on our apartment aka the #freelancemansion #bsashostage  2:18:47 PM

– My view right now. Guy with a GI Joe beret and a massive Gun walks over and says “Yo so who’s cooking?!”#bsashostage  2:21:12 PM

– Haha @miguelsalas’s computer just got jacked. What else do you say when the guy with 3 guns on him asks to use the internet #bsashostage  2:22:57 PM

– As soon as we told em @miguelsalas was mexican they REALLY wanted him to cook hahaha. He’s serving Coke as we speak #micasaestucasa  2:24:13 PM

RT @jpgninja I guess now’s not a good time to order schwarma delivery… #bsashostage  2:26:58 PM

– The way I came in after @hypeba at 630 this morning, things couldve been a lot diff… #bsashostage  2:32:37 PM

-I need to smoke. #basictweet #bsashostage #ploox  2:36:21 PM

– Guy with walkie talkie sits on a chair in living room and almost falls on his face. Ploox! #bsas  2:37:23 PM

-“We are probably in the SAFEST apartment in BsAs right now” -@jpgninja #idkboutthat #bsashostage  2:39:57 PM

-SO they just asked the wifi password. Its@pubcrawlba in case you’re a neighbor wanting to steal internet. #bsashostage  2:41:01 PM

– RT @BAlive895 BA live guest and our pubcrawl friend @AquinoWill is caught up in the hostage sit. Police use his home as HQ. Follow him for the scoop!  2:37:26 PM

– So what’s YOUR Weds Afternoon looking like? So much for working on @PlooxBA stuff today…  2:43:06 PM

RT @TatianaKozak @AquinoWill jajaja dios mio, no puedo dejar de leer tus twits, la toma de rehenes es mas entretenida cuando es narrada por ti..!  2:42:48 PM

– “Excuse me, I need my phone charger. Can you move your Gun please?”  2:44:16 PM

– These guys are funny. We are playing with our waterguns. I can find humor in everything, lightens the mood…#bsashostage  2:50:10 PM

RT @jpgninja Twitter is almost mocking me by always asking “What’s happening?” … Bitch a LOT is happening. #bsashostage  2:48:59 PM

– Homeboy’s ringtone is Sting….STING. #bsas  2:51:38 PM

– These cops are way cooler than the ones you always hear about.Btw they just kicked out the family member of the family upstairs #bsashostage  2:53:15 PM

RT @dentalart_ba @AquinoWill why play with waterguns if u have pinches cuerno de chivo en la mesa???  2:52:35 PM

RT @miguelsalas Es super estresante cuando empiezan a murmurar.. siento que algo GRANDE esta a punto de pasar #bsashostage  2:54:10 PM

RT @miguelsalas El comisario general : ‘Hagan su vida normal chicos, ya sabemos que el mexicano tiene la cocaina  2:50:00 PM

– My BA peeps, dude on TV in the interview right now was just in here. He’s cool. #bsashostage  2:57:46 PM

RT @xabi10xabi Sigan a @AquinoWill q es un extranjero en Bs As cuyo depto está en frente a la toma y siendo usado x la Policia como cuartel de operaciones  2:53:59 PM

RT @miguelsalas It’s also funny to see the walkie talkies these guys are using. Latest technology with meter long antennas LOL #bsashostage  2:55:44 PM

– FYI @miguelsalas is workin on getting a lil Ustream action goin. This shit happened to the wrong people haha #freelancemansion #bsashostage  3:00:59 PM

– @miguelsalas’s phone rings. “Ummmm I’m not in the office right now…” #bsashostage  3:03:36 PM

– Yo im bout to step out to the porch with a watergun for the annoying ass cameras. #toosoon?  3:05:20 PM

– Now we got a dude with Camo on. Does that mean shits bout to get serious?  3:08:10 PM

-Feels like shit is about to go down. Getting a lil too quiet around here. They just rigged a microphone up the balcony. #bsashostage  3:15:53 PM

– listening to everything going on upstairs via walkie talkie. Sounds like all of the guys are talking about giving up except one #bsashostage  3:25:40 PM

RT @jpgninja I wonder if the hostages know how much effort is going into getting them out alive? #bsashostage #bsas  3:20:07 PM   and 1 other

@iPulledDaTrigga Yea it’s looking like they have things under control. There’s only one guy who is not cooperating with them. We’ll see…  3:27:38 PM

RT @jpgninja the GEOF chief went ahead and told us to clear our schedules, we are going to be here for a while #bsashostage  3:27:09 PM

– So we have a ton of people in here again planning the next move. Too bad we dont have @plooxba TV for this.  3:32:57 PM

– Seriously though. What are the Odds?! #bsashostage  3:33:40 PM

RT @miguelsalas @aquinowill esta fumando puchos con el equipo PFA d.o.t.e. #bsashostage  3:35:25 PM

– Me: Yo someone has to have a cigarette here.Cop1: Of course. I’ll have one too. Me: Normally we dont smoke inside,but i’ll make an exception  3:41:11 PM

RT @TatianaKozak Creo que mi humor es negro, porque realmente esto para mi es muyyy comico jaja.. Sorryy @miguelsalas @AquinoWill @jpgninja  3:39:19 PM

RT @miguelsalas @c5n estoy en el edificio de Araoz, la GEOF esta usando nuestro depto de cuartel  3:38:06 PM

– UPDATE. Masks are going on, guns in hand. We were just asked to go to our rooms.  3:42:37 PM

– !!! We were just told they are going to bring a few of the bad guys down to our Apartment!!! Shit just got REAL serious #bsashostage  3:45:02 PM

– So here we are all in my room just waiting for some shit to go down. FML #bsashostage  3:47:57 PM

@AmericanTreble I don’t think the TV is moving from the news anytime soon. We were all down for some pro evo but idk if that’s in the cards  3:51:25 PM

@Sounds like they are about to bring these bad guys in…  3:57:27 PM

– UPDATE! THEY GOT EM!!!!!  3:57:51 PM

– The #freelance mansion can finally get back to work @plooxba @jpgninja @miguelsalas are safe and the bad guys are in police custody. #ploox!  4:02:40 PM

RT @AdrianBono @AquinoWill @jpgninja Thank you guys for such a roller coaster ride. (Is that a politically correct thing to say?) Whatever, who cares.  4:04:02 PM

@AdrianBono this is gonna make one hell of a blog post! We just loved sharing the birds eye view. Twitter is perfect for somethin like this  4:07:57 PM

– Annnnnnnnnnnd now its time for the media to take over. #bsashostage  4:09:59 PM

– Longest 4 hours of my life. I think i’ll put these tweets together to make a story haha. Another good one to tell the kids one day. #Ploox  4:15:43 PM

RT @sorrelmw @AquinoWill Glad u boys are safe. Extreme method of banishing hangover. And you’ll NEVER have to buy a round again… wow, the benefits!  4:15:46 PM

– Seeing as how we’re all nerds, stay tuned for pictures, video, and blog posts 🙂 #freelancemansion  4:17:39 PM

– Is it bad that I can’t get the theme from Cops out of my head?  4:20:37 PM

@sorrelmw So true. San Telmo is my first home in BA. Lived there a year and a half without a single problem. #TIA  4:21:56 PM

– You couldn’t believe the amount of cameras outside our place. Always loved a lil camera time. Check the argentine news if you wanna see us  4:24:18 PM

– Shout out to @c5n for following us! We see ya down there!  4:24:56 PM

RT @jpgninja @c5n is outside filming us filming them! #bsashostage  4:25:11 PM

RT @BarbaraThomson @AquinoWill WTF???? the craziest thing I´ve ever read on twitter, Glad you are Ok!  4:31:54 PM

@BarbaraThomson Thanks! We’re all safe and sound, and nobody was hurt. Thank god  4:39:56 PM

– Cameramen out there are sippin on Mate. #WhyNot?  4:45:28 PM

RT @jpgninja We are excited to have hosted such a professional organization. GEOF are the REAL DEAL. #bsashostage  4:31:49 PM

– Just realized the guy who got kidnapped held the door open for me when I got back from @hypeba. @myanrellick still dont believe in luck?  4:53:24 PM

– And the last few cameramen finally scatter back into their vans.      5:12:51 PM


One Response to “Hostages, Guns, & Canadian Mate – A Twitter play by play”

  1. Ryan September 8, 2010 at 11:16 pm #

    My favorite part?

    “On a lighter note, It’s my 2,000th Tweet! Appropriate I have an apt full of cops in here to celebrate…#PLOOX! 1:11:19 PM”

    ….and no, I still don’t believe in luck.

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